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All Must Have Perennials™ varieties available to the USA and Canada are showcased via individual plant profiles on this site. Read descriptions, get commercial growing advice and find licensed propagators to buy from.

Use the Discover our Plants search on the right or go to the Varieties page to start your journey.

Find licensed propagators and finished plant suppliers

Each variety description includes links to information about relevant licensed propagators. You can also see lists of USA licensed propagators and Canada licensed propagators.

For nurseries, garden centres, mail order companies and other plant retailers, we are currently compiling a list of growers by region. Contact us to find out who to obtain Must Have Perennials™ plant sfrom in your area.

Add your business to our listings

Are you a commercial grower supplying finished perennials to garden retailers?
Are you a nursery, garden centre or other retailer selling perennial plants to home gardeners?

If Must Have Perennials™ varieties are among your selection, we’d be delighted to give you some free publicity by including you on our supplier and where to buy listings. Contact us to let us know your details and which Must Have Perennials™ varieties you sell.

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Grower Guides

Our detailed Grower Guides are packed with information to help you produce the best perennials around.



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