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Garden design inspiration for Geranium Rozanne® at The Bressingham Gardens

Published 7 June 2013

Geranium Rozanne®, recently voted by the public as Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show Plant of the Centenary, is an extremely versatile plant that can easily be enjoyed in every situation from a hanging basket to a border to a large-scale landscape planting. While this competition served to highlight Rozanne’s exceptional individual qualities, knowing how to combine it with other plants is the key to enjoying it to best effect.

The world-famous, now 17 acre, Bressingham Gardens near Diss, Norfolk, played a key role in trialling Rozanne prior to introduction and is now the best place to see her displayed as part of a garden design.

Adrian Bloom's now iconic River of Rozanne® can be seen here flowing through The Summer Garden (one of several themed gardens at Bressingham), where it provides a beautiful bond between various other perennials and ornamental grasses - including the National Collection of Miscanthus for the British Isles.

The river concept, devised by Adrian Bloom some years ago and demonstrated in a number of his gardens, provides a continuous stream of colour that binds together the various plants around it as they fade in and out of bloom. Generally, this task falls to colourful foliage plants such as Heuchera ‘Prince’, Hakonechloa macra and Ophiopogon planiscapus. But with her exceptionally long blooming period, Geranium Rozanne® is one of the few flowering perennial sthat's also suitable, her magnificent violet-blue flowers giving the river the colour it really ought to be!

The River of Rozanne® at The Bressingham Gardens has proved such a success that Adrian has since replicated it in demonstration gardens at the Massachusetts Horticulture Society (USA) and at zu Jeddeloh Pflanzen's Blooms-Hill Garden in Germany.

Whether casual observer, dedicated gardener or gardening professional, The Bressingham Gardens is a magnificently beautiful experience which represents the pinnacle of garden design innovation through several decades. While the concepts here are presented on a grand scale, the same principles can be applied to smaller gardens. A visit to Bressingham is therefore as relevant and inspirational to the owner of a modest garden as it is to those studying horticulture and design or working professionally in the gardening industry. More information on the Bressingham Gardens website


Notes to editors

If you would like to visit the Bressingham Gardens to create your own unique story, interview Adrian Bloom, or request unwatermarked and high resolution images (see link below), contact Miriam Young

A selection of images showing Geranium Rozanne in use at The Bressingham Gardens, other public gardens and as an individual plant are availavle to illustrate this story. View photographs.



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