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New Echinaceas & Heucherellas for 2014

Combining Terra Nova’s panache for breeding with Must Have Perennials™’s uncompromising eye for quality, the first plants from a joint licensing agreement between the two companies can now be ordered for grower trials in UK and Mainland Europe. Supply to retail should be available in summer 2014.

The three Supreme™ Series Echinaceas and four Heucherellas represent some of Terra Nova's finest genetics and have been tested by Must Have Perennials™ to confirm their reliability and garden-worthiness.


Echinacea purpurea Supreme™ Series

Providing excellence in flower form with unique colours, these heavy bloomers have strong colour saturation in their large, but proportionate double flowers. Branching is superior to many coneflowers, giving the plants a full and sturdy upright, compact habit. The fragrant, long-lasting blooms are held on strong, non-floppy stems. All plants are hardy and offer an attraction to butterflies while also being drought-resistant.

'Supreme Cantaloupe' - unique colour, just like a ripe cantaloupe melon!
'Supreme Elegance' - stately, elegant plants with deep rose-red centres and bright mauve pink ray petals.
'Supreme Flamingo' - very rich, coral and shrimp pink centres with rosy copper ray petals

Licensed propagator: Walter Blom Plants

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No longer the thin-leaved plants of the past, Terra Nova’s Heucherellas now have the tremendous strength of their best Heucheras bred to their strongest Tiarellas. The result? Vigorous, medium to large plants with strong leaf-colours and great flowers.

'Buttered Rum' - Caramel-dipped, maple-shaped leaves that turn rose-red as the weather cools.
'Cracked Ice' - Blue and green tones punctuated with dramatic veining. Silvery pink overlay in early spring and autumn.
'Fire Frost' - Yellow to lime green leaves with large, striking red centres and a strong white overall veil.
'Honey Rose' - The pinkest leaf Heucherella on the market! Colour changes from coral rose in spring to sable in summer.

Licensed propagator: Walter Blom Plants, Gootjes AllPlant

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