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Adrian Bloom

imageInternationally renowned plantsman Adrian Bloom holds the Royal Horticultural Society’s coveted Victoria Medal of Honour. He has personally introduced many gardeners to the perennials Must Have Perennials™ is famous for through lectures, television programmes and books.

Combined, Adrian and his father, the late Alan Bloom, are responsible for introducing about 200 perennial varieties, which includes selections from other breeders. Nearly 100 of these are still in worldwide production.

Adrian continues to make selections for introduction through the Blooms’ plant-breeding programme, concentrating on varieties that will add interest for a longer season, whether through flowers or foliage. In The Bressingham Gardens (UK) and demonstration gardens in North America and Germany, Adrian is inspiring gardeners and promoting the wider use of perennials for year-round colour.

Buddleja ‘Butterfly Heaven’ is loaded with sweetly scented blooms on vigorously growing plants that form symmetrical mounds.
Campanula Avalanche’s blooms are prolific and quite large compared to the genus, flowering from a central crown to create a delightful cascading wall of white.
Campanula ‘Blue Rivulet’ has masses of long-flowering lilac-blue blooms and a spreading habit; selected for its more compact habit compared to Blue Waterfall, another of Adrian’s selections.
Dicentra ‘Spring Magic’s’ bright silver-grey carpets of finely cut foliage in spring make a striking backdrop to the clusters of soft pink pendulous flowers.
Polemonium Bressingham Purple features elegant clusters of deep electric lavender-blue flowers on graceful, sturdy burgundy stems dressed with highly decorative foliage, which is coloured rich, dark purple in spring and autumn.

Adrian's varieties

Buddleja ‘Butterfly Heaven’
Campanula Avalanche
Campanula ‘Blue Rivulet’
Campanula Blue Waterfall
Dicentra ‘Spring Magic’
Polemonium Bressingham Purple

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