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Walter Blom Plants

A modern supplier for a demanding age, Walter Blom Plants combines experience with enthusiasm and flexibility to help today’s growers succeed in business while delighting their customers.

Now under ownership of renowned Dutch bulb exporter H.M. van Haaster, Walter Blom Plants continues to build upon its 160 year tradition of reliability and service by embracing progress in plant breeding, propagation, growing and testing that pushes the boundaries of quality.

Long-established contacts give Walter Blom Plants access to the best propagators and growers in the world, including the cream of Dutch growers, while generations of accumulated knowledge is used to ensure smooth operation. The result is expertly produced plants delivered to you in optimal condition.

At Walter Blom Plants, we believe knowledge is the key to success, which is why we work closely with our customers to advise on selection and growing. This service combined with reliable supply of robust, well-prepared, healthy growing material sets our customers up for successful, profitable sales.

We are pleased to be licensed to produce and supply Must Have Perennials™ perennials, including plant material originating from Green Leaf Plants® for European distribution.

Licensee location

The Netherlands

Countries supplied

UK, Europe

Plant material

Bare roots, Unrooted Cuttings, Plugs, Stage III Tissue Culture


Europe Stephen Page
UK Peter Collins
Office Joyce de Jong
& Hannie Page

Tel +31 23 8200366
Fax +31 23 8200367




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