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Design inspiration for Geranium Rozanne® at The Bressingham Gardens

Geranium Rozanne® is one of the most versatile perennial plants you can grow, her robust constitution and long, long blooming period being valuable assets for any patio, garden or landscaping situation. Rozanne's ability to provide colour and structure that lasts from spring all the way through till autumn also makes her a garden designer's delight. It was these features that prompted Adrian Bloom to feature Rozanne® in mass plantings at The Bressingham Gardens.

Be inspired at The Bressingham Gardens

The Bressingham Gardens is a world-famous venue enjoyed by lovers of beautiful places and garden design professionals alike. Located near to Diss, in Norfolk, the 17 acre site is divided into a number of themed gardens to represent different design concepts - The Dell Garden, The Winter Garden, The Summer Garden, The Fragrant Garden, Adrian’s Wood and Foggy Bottom. See pictures of these gardens on the Bressingham Gardens website.

Foggy Bottom

The Bressingham Gardens was founded by Alan Bloom MBE VMH and continues to be developed by his son Adrian VMH, two of Great Britain’s most prominent horticulturists and nurserymen.

While the plantings at Bressingham represent the pinnacle of innovative garden design through many decades on a grand scale, the principles behind them can easily be applied to smaller spaces. The Bressingham Gardens are therefore a tremendous inspiration for everybody.

Adrian Bloom's River of Rozanne® at The Bressingham Gardens

Use of Geranium Rozanne at Bressingham

Adrian Bloom's now iconic River of Rozanne® can be seen at The Bressingham Gardens flowing through The Summer Garden, where it provides a beautiful bond between various other perennials and ornamental grasses - including the National Collection of Miscanthus for the British Isles.

The river concept is one that Adrian has used with a number of plants in various gardens to bind plantings together, providing a continuous stream of colour while the various plants around it fade in and out of bloom. Generally, this task falls to colourful foliage plants such as Heuchera ‘Prince’, Hakonechloa macra and Ophiopogon planiscapus. But with her exceptionally long blooming period, Geranium Rozanne® is one of only a few flowering perennials that's also suitable, her magnificent violet-blue flowers giving the river the colour it really ought to be!

The River of Rozanne® at The Bressingham Gardens has proved such a success that Adrian has since replicated it in demonstration gardens at the Massachusetts Horticulture Society (USA) and at zu Jeddeloh Pflanzen's Blooms-Hill Garden in Germany.

Visit The Bressingham Gardens

The Bressingham Gardens and Steam Museum is open March till October. Special tours and lectures can be arranged for horticultural organisations. See The Bressingham Gardens website for more information.

A good read

Adrian Bloom's latest book, Bloom's Best Perennials & Grasses takes inspiration from plants that have performed especially well at Bressingham over the years. Learn more about this.



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