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Do you have a new plant to offer?

Must Have Perennials™ is a world class plant breeder agent

If you have a new variety with the superior attributes and staying power that are the Must Have Perennials™ hallmarks, it could become one of our future introductions.

Whether you’re a commercial breeder, plant enthusiast or a specialised hobbyist, Must Have Perennials™ has the expertise to help you market your discovery globally.

Our proven programme helps you with market research, performance trials, patent protection and more. Best of all, you can select just the services you want to best fit your needs. With no financial outlay or risk to you.

Maximize your market potential

• Free consultation
• Comprehensive trialing services
• Market analysis for product placement and promotion
• International administration services for Plant Breeders Rights
with Royalty Administration International®, The Netherlands
• International production and distribution with leading perennial
plant producers and retailers
• Branding and targeted promotional programs

Let's talk!

Contact us with details about your plant so we can discuss its potential. 

Could you be next?

In our Meet the Breeders section you can read about some of the people and companies whose plants we have successfully brough to market.




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