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The Bressingham Gardens

Must Have Perennial varieties are tested at the famous Bressingham Gardens, as well as other secure trial sites worldwide.

Located near Diss in Norfolk (England), The Bressingham Gardens are a world famous venue that showcases outstanding design work through the decades and features over 8,000 varieties. These gardens have been used as a testing ground for Must Have Perennials™ varieties, many of which are currently to be seen here.

The Bressingham Gardens are open to the public and encompass 17 acres of ornamental gardens Features include

'Dell Garden'

The Dell Garden and its famous 'Island Beds' from 1955-1962 is a unique garden world renowned for its collection of nearly 5,000 species and varieties of hardy perennials set in a park-like meadow.

The wonderful rural setting of the Dell Garden has color and interest from spring to autumn and is a mecca for perennial lovers from all over the world. The 47 Island Beds,show off a wide and varied collection of plants, including many Bressingham-raised varieties. Jaime Blake,is now Curator of this historic garden, maintaining and developing it and the collection of plants.

'Foggy Bottom' Garden

Equally famous, yet totally different is 'Foggy Bottom' a garden for all seasons. Situated only a few hundred yards from the Dell Garden and Bressingham Steam Experience, Foggy Bottom has been developed to create a garden for year-round interest. Planting began in 1966 and today trees, conifers and shrubs provide a continuous backdrop of shape and seasonal foliage, enhanced by plantings of perennials and ornamental grasses. Broad grass meandering pathways lead to changing vistas at every corner, with many plant associations and ideas that can easily be adapted for the smaller garden.

Adrian’s Wood

This ‘new’ Bressingham garden lies between the Dell and Foqgy Bottom gardens. It was first started in 1963 when many trees were planted , including five Giant Redwoods, brought back as seed from California. Thirty-five years went by as it became a forest, largely untouched until 2001 when much of it was cleared to create a new pathway linking the two now famous gardens for the first time.

The focus of the garden is North American native plants as a tribute to the invaluable North American horticultural heritage, which has contributed to the vast range of trees, shrubs and perennials that have become part of the British gardening heritage.

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Visiting the Bressingham Gardens

See The Bressingham Gardens website for further information.

Admission to the Bressingham Gardens includes entrance to Alan Bloom's the Dell Garden, Adrian Bloom's the Foggy Bottom garden, the Summer Garden and Adrian's Wood - over 17 acres of garden in total. The Summer Garden holds the UK's National Collection® of Miscanthus, spectacular during late summer and autumn.

Admission to The Bressingham Gardens also includes entrance to the Bressingham Steam Experience and the Dad's Army Collection.



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